Students and Volunteers


Students and Volunteers

If you are studying outside you home country and particularly if you are planning to study in the US, your student visa will be dependent on college and government health insurance requirements.

Humanitarian Life offers a number of different policies that work well in the US or within the E.U. depending on your final destination requirements. State, college and country regulations vary, so check your particular circumstances before you buy!

If you’re going on a mission trip as a volunteer, you may also be required to buy insurance before you can go, even if you already have a national insurance plan at home. Humanitarian Life offers essential cover policies that provide the basic protection you need without the fancy extras.  Because, why buy what you don’t need? 

Student Health Insurance

Daily Health Prime Student

A four-tiered, (Standard, Comprehensive, Advantage, Superior) plan from Daily Health Insurance Group that covers you no matter where you are. It includes an area variable rates option, which means you only pay for where you are studying. All plans are fully compliant with J1 and J2 visa requirements. On request, you will receive a detailed quote within 24 to 48 hours.

IMG Student Health Plans

Three plans from world-renowned IMG aimed at meeting US regulations for visiting students. The Patriot Exchange Program is specifically designed to meet J1 and J2 visa travel requirements. Student Health Advantage and Student Health Advantage Platinum provide comprehensive medical insurance for international students or scholars participating in a sponsored study abroad program.

MP+ International

Global Mission Medical Insurance

Global Mission Medical Insurance

Trawick Student Plans

5 student policies for international and US bound students from Trawick International®, the full service travel insurance provider specializing in travel related coverage for tourists, students, scholars, businesses and all other global travelers. Student policies include options for students coming to the US and for those studying outside the US.

Volunteers Health Insurance

Missionaries / Volunteers

Three plans ideal for missionary travellers. Plans are available to individuals as well as groups. These plans are offered by IMG and vary in levels of sophistication, deductibles and range of benefits.

MP+ International

Global Mission Medical Insurance

Outreach Travel Medical Insurance

DHIG Prime


Summary Benefits

Our flexible Prime plans have been put together to give you the comfort of knowing that should you have concerns about your health, we are on hand to not only fund the cost of that treatment but to actively manage your care plan through our global networks of hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals.

Prime Plan Benefits

Fully Portable: that means you’re fully covered no matter where you are.

Area Rates: From Worldwide to specific geographic regions; only pay for the cover you need.

Age Limit: Our Prime Plans are open to anyone up to age 75, or older by agreement.

Pre-existing conditions: Depending on the stage and type of condition the Prime Plan may still cover you.

Auto-renewal: Policies auto-renew with premium adjustment as you age, no new medicals or application required

Going green: A daily health ecard stored in your mobile wallet will provide you with those all-important membership & helpline numbers at a single swipe of your phone. In so doing, you will be supporting our environmental efforts to move away from sending plastic cards around the world.

DHIG Prime


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