Goods, Services and Links


Goods, Services and Links

The links and services page is a community-driven effort to highlight what are often difficult services to find.

We’ve separated services into: Job Seeker, Discount Travel, and Psychological Support. 

We try to keep these sections as current as possible and regularly check to see if listings are up to date, but if you have any comments, suggestions or recommendations please let us know, we’ll be happy to update this section.

Useful links

Job Seeker

A listing of some of the major international NGO’s and consultancies with direct links to their vacancies page.

The following are some of the leading job search sites and organizations in the humanitarian development field. Their contents change often, so if you are looking to make a career change, please check these regularly.

While Humanitarian Life takes no responsibility for the content of any sites, we do regularly review and evaluate for relevance to our visitors. We make changes whenever appropriate and we always welcome your input! If there is something you think we are missing, please let us know.

Please note some listings use more than one site to promote vacancies; wherever possible we have included those additional sites.

Listings are in no particular order.

Discount Travel

A listing of various organizations offering discount travel for humanitarian aid workers and volunteers.

Every aid worker wants to avoid spending precious resources getting to an assignment location, but everyone still needs to get there safely and efficiently and with a little bit of comfort and convenience. Fortunately you can. There are some great ways of minimizing your travel costs. Humanitarian travel discounts are available from a number of sources. Most will require only basic confirmation that you work for a non-profit or are on a humanitarian mission trip.

The following are some of the better known and reliable sources. Discounts and special fares vary between providers however and what’s expensive from one may be affordable from another. We recommend you shop around for the best possible discount.



Because from time to time we all have feelings of self-doubt or are overwhelmed by the circumstances in which we find ourselves.


Humanitarian workers face unique challenges. Being far away from home, working under demanding conditions and being exposed to the deep suffering of others can be very stressful.

Sometimes, feelings of loneliness, stress, burnout or exhaustion start to interfere with life and with our relationships. At these times, it can be helpful to get support from a licensed and experienced counsellor to get a fresh and liberating perspective and bring your life back into balance.

Some of the issues our team can help you with include:

  • Stress
  • Burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Loneliness
  • Self-doubt
  • Marriage, family and relationship issues
  • Career guidance

‘Wonderful to speak with people who care and understand.  Thank you!’

Faith (Burundi)

‘I’m really happy I made the call and spoke with a member of the team. I don’t know why I waited so long. Speaking with someone in this way was like opening a window to let in the light and fresh air. I feel much better!’

G.S. (South Sudan)

‘Very nice connection! Very constructive conversation and very practical. These things are not always easy to speak about. Great to know there is a service that makes it possible.’


Contact us


The counselling team is completely independent of Humanitarian Life and consists of licensed, highly experienced counsellors who specialize in working with humanitarian aid workers.

We can work with you online at your convenience and in complete confidentiality.

To get in touch, please complete the contact form on the right and a member of the counselling team will reach out to make an appointment, usually within 24 hours.

Inquiries to the support team are not shared or kept on file at any time with Humanitarian Life. Contact remains strictly confidential and all communications remain between you and the counselling team only.

DHIG Prime


Summary Benefits

Our flexible Prime plans have been put together to give you the comfort of knowing that should you have concerns about your health, we are on hand to not only fund the cost of that treatment but to actively manage your care plan through our global networks of hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals.

Prime Plan Benefits

Fully Portable: that means you’re fully covered no matter where you are.

Area Rates: From Worldwide to specific geographic regions; only pay for the cover you need.

Age Limit: Our Prime Plans are open to anyone up to age 75, or older by agreement.

Pre-existing conditions: Depending on the stage and type of condition the Prime Plan may still cover you.

Auto-renewal: Policies auto-renew with premium adjustment as you age, no new medicals or application required

Going green: A daily health ecard stored in your mobile wallet will provide you with those all-important membership & helpline numbers at a single swipe of your phone. In so doing, you will be supporting our environmental efforts to move away from sending plastic cards around the world.

DHIG Prime


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