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Humanitarian Life is a specialist
insurance platform for
aid workers, NGO’s, IGO’s, brokers, and volunteers.


Aid workers &

Brokers, NGO’s

Students &

Goods, services &

We offer discounted products from leading providers and underwriters wherever possible, to meet the unique demands of the humanitarian sector.  Additionally, we offer lifestyle support services and links, from discount travel and job search, to travel essentials and psychological support

HL Detail

Core focus

Our business is supporting aid workers with the right insurance products. That means finding the right cover at the right price, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing.

HL Global Network

Global & Local Networks

We understand the places where you work can be challenging and that your insurance needs to work there too. That’s why we source products globally, so you’re covered locally too.

HL Customer Service

Customer Service

Every product we select has to meet our customer service standards. Because we know, when you’re on assignment, it has to be perfect. That’s why all plans have 24/7 support lines. 

HL Affordable


We negotiate discounts wherever we can and pass those onto you. It’s what we do. Our mission is to find the best products at the best prices and then discount them.

HL Evaluation

Continuous Evaluation

We constantly evaluate, add or delete products to make sure you’re getting the best product at the best price. Markets change, products change, risks change, circumstances change. That’s why we stay on top of it, so you don’t have to.

HL Service

Support Services & Links

We provide links to services that aren’t always easy to find. Psychological support services, job search, discount travel for aid workers and more. It’s all part of your Humanitarian Life.

What we offer…

HL - Tuktuk

aid workers and Independent contractors

Humanitarian Life offers a selection of international products designed specifically for individual contractors working in the humanitarian aid sector. 

The unique circumstances, so often a part of humanitarian work, like challenging locations, political instability or limited infrastructure, means the insurance policy you select is crucial.

For anyone working independently, without the benefit of an HR department to rely on, the Humanitarian Life product selection is ideal. 

All plans are offered by leading, highly rated companies with established track records. Additionally most have agreed to a humanitarian discount, available only via the Humanitarian Life platform. 

HL - Lloyds-of-London

Brokers, NGO’s and Groups

Humanitarian Life works closely with brokers to develop customized group plans for NGO’s and humanitarian organizations.

We are associated with some of the leading insurance companies and underwriters in the world and can facilitate group policies for brokers, NGO’s and other organizations across complex regulatory environments.

Group plans can include expats, TCNs and/or local nationals, or even groups entirely comprised of local national populations.

Humanitarian Life offers some of the best and most innovative terms in the market, including humanitarian discounts on some group policies.

HL - Girls

Students and Volunteers

If you are studying outside you home country and particularly if you are planning to study in the US, your student visa will be dependent on college and government health insurance requirements.

Humanitarian Life offers a number of different policies that work well in the US or within the E.U. depending on your final destination requirements. State, college and country regulations vary, so check your particular circumstances before you buy!   

If you’re going on a mission trip as a volunteer, you may also be required to buy insurance before you can go, even if you already have a national insurance plan at home. Humanitarian Life offers essential cover policies that provide the basic protection you need without the fancy extras.  Because, why buy what you don’t need? 

Health Insurance

For individuals or groups

Six flexible plans that ensure your treatment costs are met no matter where you are. Different levels of benefits, though all enjoy outstanding customer support and a 24/7 medical help line asures an actively managed care plan, implemented via global networks of over 750,000 hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals around the world.

Life Insurance

Affordable worldwide cover

A choice of two providers with a slightly different approach and levels of benefits. Life Insurance is designed to protect surviving family members and ensure that they can maintain their standard of living in the event of your death. Benefits give them the funds necessary to pay for mortgages, estate taxes, childrens’ college tuition, and other financial obligations as needed.

Disability LTD

Disability by any cause

Long Term Disabiity Insurance provides income to a person who becomes disabled and is designed to assist in covering living expenses during treatment and recovery. These affordable individual plans allow you to secure a proportion of your current salary should an unfortunate event occur.  

NGO and IGO medical

Three levels of cover designed for NGO’s, IGO’s and       group policies for LCN’s

A multi leveled medical plan for expat IGO and NGO employees as well as an Essential plan designed for those looking for a more basic cover. Designed speciffically with the needs of IGO’s and NGO’s in mind, Premier, Ambassador and Essential provide  levels of benefits appropriate to meet the needs of any employee benefits program.   

Students and Volunteers

Compliant plans for US bound or EU bound students              and essential cover for Volunteers traveling overseas

Policies designed to meet US state and college requirements as well as EU health insurance requirements.  Regulations vary so make sure the plan you select meets your destination stipulations.



Travel insurance policies from A+ rated company.

Product options include policies for those traveling away from their home country, as well as medical plans for visitors to the United States. Additionally 5 international student policies are available, for students coming to the United States as well as students traveling to other locations. Trip protection and cancellation insurance are also options.

HL -  HL&C
On pointe Insurance company
HL - Europ Assist
BU International

Humanitarian Life is proud to work with some of the leading insurance companies and MGA’s around the world.  As a specialist aid-worker and NGO service provider, we understand the challenges of complex regulatory environments and fronting requirements.

Finding solutions is what we do.

DHIG Prime


Summary Benefits

Our flexible Prime plans have been put together to give you the comfort of knowing that should you have concerns about your health, we are on hand to not only fund the cost of that treatment but to actively manage your care plan through our global networks of hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals.

Prime Plan Benefits

Fully Portable: that means you’re fully covered no matter where you are.

Area Rates: From Worldwide to specific geographic regions; only pay for the cover you need.

Age Limit: Our Prime Plans are open to anyone up to age 75, or older by agreement.

Pre-existing conditions: Depending on the stage and type of condition the Prime Plan may still cover you.

Auto-renewal: Policies auto-renew with premium adjustment as you age, no new medicals or application required

Going green: A daily health ecard stored in your mobile wallet will provide you with those all-important membership & helpline numbers at a single swipe of your phone. In so doing, you will be supporting our environmental efforts to move away from sending plastic cards around the world.

DHIG Prime


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